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Congratulations to Skyrink Team AOFST 2019

Congratulations to Skyrink Team!!!


Junior Ladies - KELLY SUPANGAT - Rank No 7 , Score 105.38

Junior Ladies - AURELIA NATHANIA LUVENA - Rank No. 19, score 61.19

Advanced Novice Girls - MICHELLE EDGINA AXILLE - Rank No 17 , score 60.02

Intermediate Novice Girls- IVANKA JOCELYN GUNAWAN - Rank No 4, score 35.14

Basic Novice Girls - ALLISON CHAN - Rank No. 10, score 31.44



Congratulations to Skyrink Team 2019 INFSC

Congratulations to Skyrink Team!!!


Adult Silver - 1st Place - Thalia Sosrodjojo

Elite Senior Ladies: 1st place Erika Sanjaya

Elite Junior Ladies- 1st Place - Kelly Supangat, 3rd Place - Aurelia Luvena

Basic Junior Ladies - 1st Place - Chelsea Kumala, 2nd Place - Jenifer Taniti

Advance Novice Girls - 1st Place - Michelle Edgina Axille

Basic Novice Girls - 1st Place - Alisson Chan, 3rd Place - Joyceline Chandra

Intermediate Novice Open - 1st Place -Ivanka Jocellyn Gunawan

Preliminary Open Girls - 1st Place - Clarecia Tan, 2nd Place - Aqila Noor Zakiy

Basic Starlet 2 Girls- 2nd Place - Abigail Charissa Triswandi

Basic Starlet 1 Girls- 1st Place - Jayce Roswell


Ivanka, Alisson and Vina

Congratulations to Skyrink Team

Ivanka Jocellyn Gunawan- 1st Place Intermediate Novice Ladies

Alisson Chan - 2nd Place Basic Novice Ladies 

Vina Oktavia - 2nd place Adult Bronze Mixed


Michael Hopfes & Julian Yee

-Camp's Material:

- Double & Triple jumps

- Combination jumps

- Spin Variations and features

- Understanding Edges and how to fully utilise them

- Power Stroking

- Movements on the ice


Richard Laidlaw

-Accredited Level 3 Single Coach

- Coaching since 1995

- Coaching Experience from single to triples jump

- International Training Program

- Member of APSA

- Silver Blades Ice Skating Club

- Having students who has competed Internationaly


Michelle Edgina Axille

Michelle from Indonesia was doing clean program and finish 1st place on Juvenile U14 at Skate Ontario Regional Series, Octoberfest, Barrie, Ontario, Canada; October 13, 2018

Official result :


Chelsea Kumala

Chelsea passed Freestyle 8 level during Skate Asia 2018 Bangkok.  Congratulations for your hardwork. 


Kelly Supangat

Kelly is our highest freestyle level female skater.  She passed Freestyle 9 during Skate Asia 2017 Bintaro.  Excellent


Lyvia Annable Simano

Lyvia passed Freestyle 8 level during Skate Asia 2017 Bintaro.  Congratulations


Erika Sanjaya

Erika is our Senior Level reprensentative for SEA Games 2017 held at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  She is also our one of the highest level female skater.  Keep up the good work Erika.


Alberto Widjaja

Alberto is our Senior Representative for SEA Games 2017 held at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  He did a great performance during Short and Long programs.  He is also the first Indonesian passed ISI Freestyle 10 skater.  

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